Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Pick a Word

A miscellaneous collection of words transformed into thoughts.

Requiem for My Old Comfortable Chair. My old chair in the solarium at nightThe excitement of Growing a New Baby Pineapple (and having a new camera at the same time!)Macro of my Baby Pineapple Showing Purple FlowersThe Tangled Growth of Banyan and Bodhi Trees.Banyan tree in in the photo app Snapseed, cropped squareMy Studio is so crowded with stuff I can hardly move, let alone think of how I am going to Transform It into an Art Gallery. Exuberant Mexican dancers at the Baile Folclórico in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Traditional Dancers in Puerto Vallarta in StackablesMore of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Pick a Word.

7 responses to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Pick a Word

  1. Excellent! But, is the old chair gone now…? Your studio is full up indeed! My favorite in this great gallery is the Mexican dancers. A truly exuberant and elegant monochrome. Well done.

    • sadly my studio will stay a mess – this morning I just got a email that the building is staying closed to the public due to COVID so no show this year. But I still need to tidy it a bit just so I can get into it!

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