Squash & Squash Blossom Artwork and Photos

Some people manage to post ‘a flower a day’, even in the middle of an evacuation due to wildfires. Me, on the other hand, I have trouble posting ‘plant of the month’.

At any rate here is a belated August plant of the month, a yellow squash I spotted growing beside a sidewalk on the Eastside. The squash blossoms were spectacular as expected but it was the little flower buds inside that caught my attention. Squash blossom for yellow zucchinis in a gardenI don’t think I’ve ever bothered to observe how interesting it was to see the plant in the process of growing up into a squash. yellow squash blossomIn this case of a yellow zucchini, the flower bud forms on the end of a thick yellow stem. The bud turns into the extravagant yellow flower.Squash blossom buds for yellow zucchinis in a gardenThe yellow flower withers and falls off, and the thick yellow stem turns into a yellow zucchini.Squash in the form of yellow zucchinis in a gardenA watercolour painting of the zucchini squash.Watercolour painting of a yellow zucchini squash

Flores Rellenos aka Stuffed Flowers.

On a slightly different note I wrote about my Mexican cooking class that it was ‘a quick way to experience Mexico without the hassle of flying…’ Well, here I was in Puebla and I had one taste of this Salsa Martajada and I was instantly transported back to my Mexican cooking class in Vancouver! The ‘flores’ here are squash flowers stuffed with cheese, rolled in crumbs and lightly deep-fried. Flores Rellenos at the restaurant 'Sabor de Puebla' in Puebla, MexicoMore of Nancy Merrill’s Photo Challenge: Up Close and Personal.

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