This purple burst of Allium is in the same genus as onions, chives, garlic and a whole host of 'decorative' ornamental alliums that light up late spring in Vancouver, Canada

Purple Flowers Throughout the Year


Hellebore, although the first ones out are mostly greenish white with red-purple dots. HelleboreSpring brings out an array of purple flowers!


Crocus. Purple crocuses seen on a walk through Queen Elizabeth Park in February


In Wales these purple Rhododendrons are invasive, although they create a spectacular drifts of colour. Purple Rhododendrons in Snowdon National Park in WalesThe purple flower of an Ilam Rhododendron. Rhodendrons start blooming in March and various varieties carry on into April and May. The purple flower of an Ilam RhododendronThe purple ranges from blue to red in this lovely Hyacinth.
Purple hyacinth flowers in Queen Elizabeth Park


Called the Pasque flower as it often comes into bloom at Easter, it is also known as the Windflower. Purple windflowerThis Iris is actually a deep purple but my camera always photographs purples off-colour, making them bluer than they are in reality.
Purple Iris with RaindropsPurple Allium flowers in Van Dusen Garden.Van Dusen Garden: Purple Allium flowersUnlike the popular poem, Violets are not blue, they are deep dark rich purple. A deep violet 'Violet' flower


Like Rhododendrons, different varieties of Irises continue to bloom over the spring months. May is the month for Flag Irises that usually gather around the edges of ponds. Purple Iris in MayThis Allium reminds me of delicate purple fireworks. Macro of the pale purple flower spikes of the 'umbel' an ornamental Allium (Vancouver, Canada)Macro of purple Columbine. Purple Columbine Macro


Purple Clematis in front of an old jar. Purple Clematis in front of an old jar


Fields of fragrant Lavender.Purple Lavender flowersRelated to the Wandering Jew the Purple Heart vine has purple leaves and delicate purple flowers. Queen Elizabeth Park: Raindrops on a Purple Heart plantNot sure what this flower is but the clarity was adjusted in Adobe Bridge giving it an ethereal appearance.Purple flower with the clarity adjusted in Adobe BridgeHydrangeas are either blue or pink depending on the soil, and sometimes they’re right in-between like this one. Blue & purple Hydrangea flowers


Macro of a wispy Purple Smoke Tree flower with seeds forming within.Macro of a wispy Purple Smoke Tree flower with seeds forming insideDeep-purple, almost black, Calla Lilies. Deep-purple, almost black, Calla LiliesArtichoke with its purple thistle bloom. Purple artichoke flowers on the Seawall near Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada


Purple DahliaPurple and white Passionflower, Passiflora mexicana. This purple and white Passionflower, Passiflora mexicana, truly is the flower that symbolizes the death of Christ for the people of Mexico and Central America where it originated


Macro of a purple Aster flower, one of the last purple flowers of the year. Purple aster flower


Not a flower but the purple Beauty Berry adds the only visible purple at this time of year. Not a flower but the purple Beauty Berry adds the only visible purple at this time of yearNow I will have to wait until January to see any more purple in the landscape.

More of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Purple or Blue Flowers.

8 thoughts on “Purple Flowers Throughout the Year

    1. When I put this post together I was surprised by how many different purples they’re were and tried to categorize the purples – you’ve picked the ones I called ‘dark rich’. I imagine your garden to be must be the visual equivalent of dark chocolate!

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