Salmon Spawning / Healthy Water

Years ago I had to design a web site for Environmental Chemistry Courseware designed to promote environmental awareness supplemental to 200-level Organic Chemistry laboratories. The key concepts were: air / earth / life / water.

Originally I was a little conflicted as both air and water were blue. Then I saw some photos I had shot of of sockeye salmon spawning in a stream, and I chose this image for ‘water’.

The four elements affected by chemical disposal in Envirochem: soil, air, water and life (ecological systems)The sight of the brilliant red and olive sockeye salmon was very inspiring for paintings as well. red salmon spawning in Yard Creek, BC, CanadaPart of the experimentation was to find a way to convey the water. This watercolour painting uses a flowing stream.
Spawning salmon watercolour paintingThis acrylic collage uses a watery acrylic.
Collage of acrylics painted like watercolours of salmon swimming in a riverHere is a third with cuts in it revealing red paper beneath to convey the way the salmon image was broken up by moving through the water.
Spawning salmon watercolour paintingred salmon spawning in Yard Creek, BC, Canada
More of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water.

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