Sun Yat Sen Garden boardwalk with autumn Maple leaves run through the photo app Snapseed

Seasons Expressed in Leaves

Each season turns a new leaf in the book of the year.


Spring Green Leaves
spring green leaves'Spring Texture' of leafy biomass manipulated in Photoshop


in Ireland in the photo app Snapseed with a square cropOut-of-focus Maple Leaves


The duck pond on Granville Island in Vancouver's November; run through Photoshop's Sumi-e filterScanned leathery red leaves with spotsscan of big-leafed Rogersia in the fall in the photo app Pixlromatic


Frost on a dead leaf in a 'Depth of Field' experimentWinter leaves on Granville Island in the photo app StackablesScanned Magnolia leaf skeletons


Poinsettia, Flor de Nochebuena, Cuetlaxóchitl; run through the photo app SnapseedMore of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Trees & Leaves.


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