Holey stone with sand and granite at Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island, Canada

Rocks with Holes in Them

Sometimes there are good explanations as to why stones have holes in them.

Lava is one of them. All the boiling bubbling lava suddenly hardens to rock when it hits the cold outer surface of the planet. All of these lava rocks were collected in the Okanogan in the interior of BC. Lava stones arranged in a cake pan for an art showSometimes a whole rock formation is like Swiss Cheese and full of holes. This is Dad and I at the lava holes in the Okanogan, March 1964. I’ve never found this place again but a friend tells me it’s quite close to her new place so I’m looking forward to getting up there once I have my vaccine!dad and I at the lava holes somewhere in the Okanogan, March 1964Another way holes are formed is by wave action. These circular holes are created by the motion of the waves which swirl a ‘kettle stone’ around over the years until a deep indentation is created. (Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island.) Tide pools and unusual rock formations at Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island, CanadaAt some point they become tide pools and are filled with inter-ocean life. Tide pool full of mussels at Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island, CanadaThis is a stone on the same beach but I have no idea how these these smaller holes were created.Holey rock filled with sand at Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island in BCArches National Park: a red rocks formation with mysterious holes in it. How did they get there?Arches: a red rocks formation with holes in itWhat my eye saw was a whitish pebble on a volcanic black sand beach in Costa Rica. What the camera saw was a moon rock floating in a constellation of stars.black sand beach with white stoneThis Costa Rican stone had some relatives with the hole right through the middle which reminded me of Frida Kahlo’s jewelry so I gathered together a few other appropriate beads and made a couple of necklaces. Frida Kahlo Stones with Turquoise & Sea Urchin SpinesFrida Kahlo ‘stone’ with carnelian, coral and jasper. Frida Kahlo stone with carnelian and friendsAt one point I was painting dialogues between stones in order to try out the different techniques for multimedia paintings. This is an image transfer of one of the lava rocks with a background of thick spackle with grit in it, and the second Costa Rica stone used very thick spackle which was dried very quickly with a blow dryer. Painting of 2 Holey StonesMore of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Whole or Hole.


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