bright graffit in a Vancouver alley

Real vs Fake

A couple of weeks ago I was walking downtown to the Convention Centre to get my first vaccine.

I took a small ferry over to the large Yaletown park and then followed along Homer St, feeling pretty safe as it was a street that was interesting but less-travelled than most.

About 6 blocks from the waterfront I suddenly found myself in the middle of a major police incident. Several police cars were skewed across the street.

Across the street from me a cop, six foot five, maybe 300 pounds, dressed from head to foot in black skin-tight leather, was leaning up against a huge all-black motorcycle. He was eating something; it looked like a doughnut?!

Just as I was fumbling for my camera a TV van pulled up, bristling with satellite dishes, and blocked my view of the cop.

I was really quite excited – so many things were happening. And then I spotted these garbage cans.

Hmmm. Props. And now that I think of it, although I’ve seen cops eating doughnuts, I’ve never seen one that managed to look so ominous while doing something so innocuous, especially in the middle of a take-down. And I’ve never seen a TV van covered with satellite dishes in real life. Meanwhile I had an appointment with a vaccine so I carried on, with one last glance in the alleyway.

Yes real dumpsters. With fake graffiti labels stuck onto them. Probably awaiting some chase scene down the alley.

The funny thing is that two alleys down I decided to cut across in the direction of the clinic and I entered this alley.

Now that’s a real dumpster, with real graffiti. Here’s more…

It seems to me that if you’re going to shoot a movie maybe this alley might have been a more exciting choice…

More of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Real vs Fake.

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