weed painting finished with frame

Wild Flowers, Weeds & other Urban Scruff

Wild flowers in the city.

In the city there are empty lots where people have scattered wildflower seeds and they erupt from the earth like this. Pink poppies in amongst the wild grasses at UBC, VancouverMost of the empty lots eventually get built on. Sometimes the city takes them over for unpaid taxes, and they end up being set aside for flowers that are bees and butterfly attractants. urban wildflowers, orange poppies and blue flowers on an empty lot set aside for bees

But for the most part, in terms of urban wildflowers, the question is: wild flower or weed?

It’s not a weed when it explodes in shades of green, yellow and purple like this…
Weed? DandelionOne of my favourite wildflowers, the Skunk Cabbage, appears around March in boggy untended land and ditches. Yellow Skunk Cabbage plants in SnapseedLook at the amazing curved lines of this yellow flower, and the texture of the spathe. 
Yellow Skunk CabbagePen and watercolour sketch of Skunk Cabbage done while sitting at the edge of a boggy bit. Fortunately for me March is too early for mosquitos!pen and watercolour sketch of yellow Skunk CabbageOpen gate with creeping buttercups (definitely a weed if you have it in your garden; almost impossible to get rid of) and yellow poppies in profusion. Open gate with buttercups and yellow poppies in profusionThe yellow or orange California poppies show up everywhere in May. 
orange poppies with brambles This shows a small section of this strip of orange poppies and brambles up against an uninspiring back lane which I have cropped out.strip of orange poppies on the Arbutus greenwayI am especially fascinated by scruff by the side of the road like these weeds with yellow flowers growing up against a green chainlink fence.weeds with yellow flower growing up against a green chainlink fenceA finished weed painting of scruff by the side of the road. The yellow blobs are yarrow or something like that.yellow weeds paintingWeed with tiny yellow flowers growing up against a corrugated metal wall. weed with tiny yellow flowers growing up against a corrugated metal wallThese weeds applied to an acrylic painting along with transferred photocopies of the same plant.  Weed PaintingSome more scruff, not yet painted, but I have gathered and pressed the seedy branches in preparation. 
Urban wildflowers, aka scruff by the side of the roadA macro of the pink clover amongst the scruff – what a beauty!Macro of pink Clover, part of the scruff by the side of the roadMore of the Friendly Friday Challenge: Wildflowers.

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