abstract texture of blistered paint and rust on an old dumpster

Seen Better Days

After seeing my photos of rust and decay my friend wanted me to take her on a tour of decrepit Vancouver.

abstract of a rusty dumpster an alleyBecause my walks took me everywhere I have opted instead for a Google satellite map for a self-guided tour of the lovely crusty dumpster and an old club that have seen better days…Or perhaps their best days are yet to come, especially in terms of how photogenic they are at the moment. This shot was taken in January 2021. An abstract of a dumpster with patchy rustThis, of scraped paint on one side, was taken that same day. abstract texture of scraped rust on a dumpsterBy September of 2021 a slightly different cropping of that same scrape looked like this, although the brighter colour may have had to do with the fall light. abstract texture of scraped rust on a dumpsterJanuary 2021. abstract texture of cracked rust on a dumpsterBy September 2021 the orange of the rust had bled through the cracked paint. And again the colour is brighter.abstract texture of cracked rust on a dumpsterI also picked up on this weathered painted sign for a now-defunct nightclub.Weathered painted sign for a nightclub on a blue wallThere is also this abstract of some old cracked glue dots that held up some sort of sign on this door. To me they look to me like beach pebbles.Abstract of old cracked glue dots on a door looking like beach pebblesFinally some diptychs that I created from the January shots of this same rusty dumpster combined with various trees around the city. abstract of patchy rust on a dumpster together with fissured Birch barkAbstract combo collage of tree bark with white fungi and a rusting dumpsterThe light on one side of the dumpster was very blue, and matched this lichen-covered tree in deep shadow.Abstract combo collage of tree bark with orange lichen combined with a rusty dumpster with cracked blue paintMore of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Seen Better Days.

16 thoughts on “Seen Better Days

  1. I remember that dumpster from your previous post about it Elizabeth – the progression is really interesting. Good for you for seeing its beauty. Perfect choice for the week.

    1. The graffiti artists never sleep either – most of the dumpsters are covered with layers and layers of graffiti – I was lucky as this dumpster is in an out-of-the-way spot so I can check on the much slower progress of the never-sleeping rust!

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