Diptych of corrugated metal and fissured bark on a wall

Diptych: Corrugated Metal / Fissured Tree Bark

Abstract diptych of corrugated metal siding from Granville Island & fissured tree bark captured during my COVID winter when there was nothing else to take photos of.

Diptych of corrugated metal and fissured bark on a wall
Corrugated Metal / Fissured Tree Bark, E-Print on Aluminum Plate, 18” x 31”

In my https://elizabatz.wordpress.com/2021/09/14/diptychs-of-natural-unnatural-2/ post I asked for feedback on which photos to turn into ePrints. I wanted help picking my best three as they are a bit pricey to print, approximately $200 each at the sizes I was using. Many thanks for all the help!

showing the aluminum edge of an ePrint when mounted on a wall
E-print from the side

I still have to do a lot of work to get my studio in shape as a gallery for the Eastside Culture Crawl. But these are the other two I made into ePrints and I will post them as soon as I make some space for them on the wall.

Abstract combo of tree bark with worm tunnels and dumpster with graffiti
7. Indecipherable Script. A combo of a dumpster with graffiti and a fallen tree with insect tunnels. The patterns made by insects always look like some ancient script or runes, and graffiti also seems to be a modern form of some indecipherable script. (12 votes)
Abstract diptych of used concrete form in yellowy-greens and grey combined with soft yellow catkins on a pussy willow beside a dark green pond
10. Transition to Spring. Upon the arrival of spring I moved from focussing exclusively on bark and included these Pussy Willow catkins by the local duck pond as a positive/negative compliment to the used concrete form ‘art’. (13 votes)

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