Adobe Bridge photo sorter containing abstracts of a weathered red dumpster plus one image of red leaves around town in October

Autumn Red Abstracts

I came across a glorious red dumpster last month.

Abstract red on a dumpster

Thinking of my diptych series of Natural/Unnatural I said to myself, ‘Too bad trees don’t have bark in this colour red’. Then I looked at Adobe Bridge where I usually sort my photos, and saw this shot of red leaves next to my shots of the dumpster.

Larger view of the red leaves on an Oak tree with flat acorn nuts.

Red leaves on an Oak tree with flat acorn nuts

Then I looked out my window and there was the big maple all glowing with its autumn red leaves. I tried to take a photo of the scene, combining my computer screen containing an image of the red dumpster on and the maple tree in the background, but alas, the eye is much better at discerning detail in both light and dark areas.

Red Maple tree outside my window with an exposure that was too darkRed Maple tree outside my window overexposed
Underexposed and overexposed. I had to combine the two to make one image

Combining the two photos, one with my computer screen exposed properly, and other the dark version of the tree, gave me an image that, although not exactly what I could see, certainly gives a rough idea of it.

Off I went in search of trees with red leaves. Below are two shots of the same Maple tree, the top image front-lit and the bottom one back-lit.

Front-lit red maple tree in the autumn
Back-lit red maple tree in the autumn

Red maple leaves fallen on a sidewalk.

Red maple leaves fallen on a sidewalk

My final choice (for now) of a diptych combining the dumpster and the red autumn leaves.

Abstract diptych of red dumpster combined with autumn Oak leaves

More of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: All One Colour.


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