Dark pool with a broken forest reflection Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

I saw this sign from a distance as I was driving to the Pacific Spirit Park at the university. “Don’t tell me there’s a cougar roaming the park!” I thought. (Yes occasionally cougars come into Vancouver but usually further east).

However, up close I saw that this was a friendly COVID cougar, and so I cheerfully entered the forest.

Pacific Spirit Park using a cougar as a COVID distancing symbol

What’s there:

broken forest reflection in a dark pools. broken forest reflection in dark pools in the Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver, Canadathe trouble with ivy. the trouble with ivyoverlooking the river.
tangle of trees overlooking flowing water in the Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouvermacro of wet moss. Macro of moss in the Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouversun setting on the western sea. sun setting on the western seaback-lit moss-covered trees.mossy trees back-lit in the Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouverfern trying to straighten itself out.  fern trying to straighten itself outintense greenness at Camosun Bog.
overwhelming green in Camosun Bog, part of Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver, Canadayellow waterlily in Camosun Bog. yellow waterlily flowers and arrow-shaped pads in Camosen Bog run through the photo app SnapseedGoogle map of UBC’s Pacific Spirit Park. It says ‘extensively forested’ (and it is) but I’m not sure why they used a greyish tone for most of it as it should really be all green except for the light grey developed area on the right-hand side.Google map of UBC's Pacific Spirit Park


3 thoughts on “Pacific Spirit Regional Park

  1. When I saw your first photo, I thought you were doing some fancy double-exposure settings. It’s a cool capture.

    I admit to not ‘getting’ the Covid-Cougar poster. Are they saying to maintain a social distance of a length of a cougar?! Sorry, if I ever saw a cougar I’d want to way more than 2 Meters apart … especially its bitey end

    1. This pool in the forest got a ton of shots, and I have spent a lot of time playing with the shots. However, for this post it’s a straightforward capture with fun lighting.

      The cougar is two metres long, the distance we’re supposed to keep from each other. I have only seen the silhouette of a wild cougar sitting by the side of the road from a fair distance away. I actually wasn’t sure what it was (maybe a monkey?) and when it leaped into the wood with its super long tail behind it I was convinced it had to be a monkey (on Vancouver Island?). However, a stop at a nearby lake had cougar warnings everywhere which is when I realized it was a cougar, and when I googled it I found they had really long tails… And yes, I was glad I was more then 6 feet away, especially from its bitey end!

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