Spurge (Euphorbia) with a bright lime grin

It’s All About the Light: Favourite Shots 2021

Finding beauty at home.

In January we made it out to Steveston, a short drive away. I liked the mood of winter light on this fishing boat.
Fishing boat puttering along the Fraser River at Steveston, Canada
In February I peeked in a metal shop on Granville Island and saw these dark tools, white rag and metal screen.
Dark tools and a white rag in a metal shop on Granville Island in Vancouver

Spurge (Euphorbia) with a bright lime grin emerges in March. the bright lime bracts of a Spurge (Euphorbia) emerging in early spring

Subtle shadowing on these pink Camellias in full bloom in April. Pink Camellia in full bloom in April in Vancouver

Macro of pink Clover in May, part of my fascination with scruff by the side of the road. Macro of pink Clover, part of the scruff by the side of the road
At a June party on the deck my friend was looking at all the odd but wonderful things I had photographed earlier in the year and asked me, “How do you see these things?”  “Just look up,” I answered and she said, “All I see is a scuzzy green umbrella.” So I took a photo of our scuzzy green umbrella in the early evening light and this is how it turned out. My scuzzy blue-green umbrella

July brought endless days of sunshine along with deep shadows in this smooth green agave.
smooth green agave

It was a smokey August when we headed out to Banff. This waiter at the Magpie and Stump was run off his feet, running into the bright kitchen and coming out the swinging door into the darkened restaurant with plates of food. It took almost a dozen tries to get a decent shot of him in mid-motion.Waiter coming out the kitchen door with a loaded tray at the Magpie & Stump in Banff, Canada

Decorative screens cast patterned shadows on a dark red table in the September Moon Festival at Sun Yat Sen Garden in Vancouver’s Chinatown. decorative screens cast patterned shadows on a dark red table in the Sun Yat Sen Garden in Chinatown, VancouverVancouver's

A damaged bollard found on our October walk to New Westminster’s Art Crawl. abstract red on a traffic bollard

November light in my studio behind the curtain.November light in my studio behind the curtain

Rope-wrapped wood pilings covered with green algae at the ferry dock in December.Rope wrapped wood pilings at the ferry dock covered with green algae

More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Favourite Photos of 2021.


9 thoughts on “It’s All About the Light: Favourite Shots 2021

    1. In China, this symbol, later used by the Nazis, represents a bat. I have copied a small google bit about it.

      Bat: Called bianfu in Chinese, the second character, fu, is a homophone for good fortune (also pronounced fu); it also symbolized longevity and happiness. Red bats mean “widespread good fortune” and five bats are a wish for the Five Blessings: longevity, wealth, good health, virtue, and a peaceful death. Bats and the swastika mean “ten thousand-fold wishes for good fortune and happiness.”

  1. Your eye for the light, and its effect interesting objects, is as good as anyone I know Elizabeth. I did get a chuckle over “how do you see these things?”. One of my favorite things about good photography is that it truly does train the eye to see. I once read an interesting comment by a photographer I follow who said unfortunately he now views the world through a virtual 4×6 frame 😊. Wishing a happy, healthy New Year to you and yours.

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