Abstract diptych of cute fungi combined with blistered paint from my favourite crusty dumpster

Favourite Thing to Do with Photos in 2021: Diptychs

In December 2020 I found these two photos next to each other in my photo previewer. I liked the way they complemented each other and I added it to my ‘Favourite Photos of 2020‘. Although I didn’t realize it at the time I had just started something that came to occupy me through all the trials of 2021.

pierced red metal with a smooth wood sculpture / red berries against a rusted wallJanuary I went on a multitude of walks and took masses of photos. Mostly they were about texture with the bulk of the photos either macros of tree bark or eroded urban objects, a continuation of my November and December ‘shoots’. Let’s face it, at that time of year there wasn’t much else around to take photos of.

Best spot for nature shots in January: Pacific Spirit Forest with all its trees and dark pools reflecting those trees, shown here with a Photoshop Sumi-e filter added to bring out the golden tones of the stones within the pond, and then combined with a capture of cracked paint on a lamppost.Abstract diptych of a broken forest reflection run through the Sumi-e filter in Photoshop combined with a lamppost covered with cracked paint

By February I was getting a tad bored doing all those macro shots and started taking photos of Birds in the Hood. These didn’t result in any diptychs but by then I had so many images to play with it didn’t matter…

In March I was again looking through my photo previewer and rediscovered the delight of combining of two very different forms. At this point I started to put together masses of diptychs.

I also made another fabulous March discovery: used concrete forms! This was just a small section…Abstracts created in used concrete forms

Here I have combined what might be birch bark with a section of the used concrete form.
Abstract diptych of birch bark combined with a used concrete formSummer brought masses of flowers and I took a lot of shots of these. But they don’t combine with dumpsters or graffiti that well, I’m not sure why. At any rate, I kept on playing with diptychs but used earlier images.

In August I found a bunch of lichens on trees that resembled, to a certain extent, lichens on cement walls. To me they both had a Japanese art feel. I wrote about them and some other macro shots I had taken in this post.
Abstract diptych collage combining a lichen crusted cement wall with a fruiting lichen on the bark of a tree

Late September I realized that our yearly annual Culture Crawl was coming up fast and that I wanted to put some of the diptychs in my show. To print the diptychs the way I wanted was roughly $200 each at the sizes I was using, so I only printed three. I put this one temporarily up at home to see how it looked on a wall.

photo diptych of corrugated metal and fissured bark on a wall in the 2nd bedroom at home
Corrugated Metal / Fissured Tree Bark, E-Print on Aluminum Plate, 18” x 31”

October brought red autumn leaves here combined with a red dumpster.Abstract diptych of red dumpster combined with autumn Oak leaves

October also saw a lot of mushrooms and fungi, which were a tad tricky to work with but the results were interesting. Here are some cute fungi combined with blistered paint from my favourite crusty dumpster.
Abstract diptych of blistered paint on a rusty dumpster combined with fungi on a fallen tree
The Giant Rhubarb (Gunnera) leaves were cut down and stacked on top of the plant base to protect it during the winter. Here I made an abstract diptych combining one of the dying leaves with a cracked cement wall. abstract diptych of cracked cement wall with a Gunnera leaf in winter

November was the month of the Eastside Culture Crawl. For me it had been two years since I had participated. I wasn’t sure that the prints would mix with my paintings very well but I was surprised. Here is the back wall of my studio with two prints and two paintings.
2 photo diptychs & 2 acrylic paintings on a wall in my studio, Studio 218, 1000 Parker St. Vancouver

Preparing for a show, and then spending 7 days at the show was pretty intense so I took a month off of thinking. The COVID counts were low so I got out and about, visiting with friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in two years!

However, the COVID counts went back up at Christmas. It also snowed. A lot. Something we don’t usually see much of in Vancouver – apparently it only snows at Christmas once every 11 years. So I am back to being inside and working on the newest diptychs, inspired by all that snow!

And as we slide into yet another January with surging COVID cases I see I will be replicating a lot of these none-transit-using walks.

More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Favourite Photos of 2021.


9 thoughts on “Favourite Thing to Do with Photos in 2021: Diptychs

    1. Getting them printed was really interesting – I had thought that they would only look good online but they turned out better than I had expected. The one with the blue strip that I put on the wall was a big draw – people would race to the back and then look at it sideways to see if it was 3-D like some of my paintings. I would say about the paintings, “3D”, and about the photos, “not 3D”. One woman asked me if I was messing with her mind, which of course I answered , “Yes!”

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