tightly coiled ferns in May

Curves: Artworks and Photos of Ferns Unfurling

Spring is always an interesting time of year for me as this is when the ferns unfurl.

fern unfurling

Most of these ferns could be found in May on walks around the Pacific Spirit Park, located on the university grounds. fern trying to straighten itself out

Fiddlehead ferns are a delicacy in the spring markets, and once I saw a sign saying ‘Don’t Pick the Fiddleheads’, such an appropriate name for tightly coiled ferns. fern unrolling

Fern unfurling on the Pembrokeshire Coast Trail in May in Wales. Fern unfurling on the Pembrokeshire Coast Trail in May in Wales

Furled furry ferns. Furled furry ferns

Twisting and turning. fern unfurling

Little fern trying to straighten itself out. fern unfurling
When I was little my dad told me that behind our house the forest was so deep and so dark that dinosaurs still lived there and no one had ever discovered them.Acrylic painting of ferns by the edge of a stone-filled river

The ferns there were taller than me and looked like this as they slowly uncoiled.detail of a painting of ferns unfurling

Another sketch. When the ferns looked like the ferns above, can’t you just see why I might have spotted a few dinosaurs lurking in the forest?rough illustration of ferns big enough to hide a dinosaur for a children's book

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6 thoughts on “Curves: Artworks and Photos of Ferns Unfurling

  1. I’m really mad at Ann-Christine because she said exactly what I was thinking only much more eloquently Elizabeth! This post is simply marvelous and the way you ended by turning the story into art was especially wonderful. Superb response this week!

  2. Ooohhh, what a lovely post! Elizabeth! Such furry ferns and the little one trying to straighten itself out- gorgeous. And even more gorgeous that your dad told you about the dinosaurs still living there…a lovely dad you must have! See how you remember it all still…that is a good thing – to give your child more of imagination and wonder! Much needed in this world. That’s the way i used to talk to my children as well – and they still remember those fantasies.

    1. My dad came from Denmark, and his sisters were always sending me children’s picture books written in Danish that he translated for me. My favourite was ‘Little Greta Goes to Flowerland’ where the flowers were all alive and chatty. Of course, there was also a lot of Hans Christian Andersen. My dad’s favourite book when he was a kid in Denmark was ‘The Wonderful Adventures of Nils’. I heard so many magical stories from him, and I remember them always…

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