Abstract rust-coloured tissue of old clothing patterns layered onto a mural.

My Photographic Groove

My first thought when I saw the Lens-Artists latest photo challenge ‘Photographic Groove’ was MACRO. I immediately put together a batch of favourites from the last few months and then I discovered that my groove could be better described as ‘accidental art’.

On one of my earlier posts about it I wrote, ‘I can’t believe how many people leave art just lying around.’

This is a fine example of a piece of accidental art. If I had actually put this together as a collage of Black Tusk, the protruding core of an ancient volcano, I would have been very pleased.abstract of torn posters forming an image of a blue mountain

A macro of a grey city locker with spray paint, peeling paper and a lock adding texture.Abstract of spray paint and a lock add a texture to grey city locker

Most of the images are macros. abstract grey texture with tape and green algae
But this one, a reflection of coloured kayaks in the water isn’t a macro. My photographic groove is more about abstract design and textures. abstract of the ripples created in the water by the reflection of yellow and orange kayaks on a dock
Torn posters together with a rusted panel bolted onto a telephone pole. Abstract of torn posters and rusted side bolted onto a telephone pole
I am not entirely sure what this is an image of – the label says ‘abstract texture of a red fiberglass boat?’ I have several photos of it, and by checking the before and after photos it appears to be something related to one of the public docks, perhaps a semi-collapsed rubber dingy? At any rate, after this I decided to try and remember to take a long shot  so I could at least figure out what it was that I was taking a picture of.abstract texture of a red fiberglass boat?

Here are two images where I actually took the longer shot, and show how something mundane can be transformed into art.

The renovation of a fountain.abstract black markings on the renovation of a fountain

Macro of the abstract black markings on its side.abstract black markings on the renovation of a fountain

A disintegrating mural on the cinder block wall of a tire store.

Abstract rust-coloured tissue of old clothing patterns layered onto a mural. abstract rust-coloured tissue of old clothing patterns layered onto a mural

More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: What’s Your Photographic Groove?


13 thoughts on “My Photographic Groove

  1. I love that you described your photos as accidental art. And yet, I love that your are deliberate in the search for abstract art. It was a great lesson to see how we to can narrow our photos into something fun…artsy. Well done. Donna

  2. A terrific overview of your talented approach toward abstract art Elizabeth. Really well done. Enjoyed the before and afters for some insight into what you look for.

    1. Often I combine these types of images with natural objects as diptychs. They are printed on a raised panel and I’m thinking of tucking the long shot into the back. The idea only came to me last week when I took the ripple image of the kayaks with my friends who lived on a boat there telling me that baby seals had recently been born on that dock, and were often hanging out behind the kayaks. Unfortunately I couldn’t see them as the dock with a view of them had been closed off for minor repairs…

  3. I’m so glad my challenge helped you find your groove of accidental art. You create amazing art from looking closer at textures, patterns and colors. You have taught me to record the bigger picture and then crop in for the close up. Thanks for joining in.

    1. Recording the bigger picture is quite new, and I don’t always remember to do it. But lately there have been a number of times where I really wasn’t sure what it was and have retraced my steps trying to find the original.

  4. Excellent! I appreciate that you show us the big image before the macro. It show how much Extra-ordinary can lie in the ordinary. Esp. love your last shot – the organic texture fools us into thinking its a leaf or butterfly but then the straight right-angle lines say otherwise.

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