Riding the night bus down Granville St.

Favourite Photos of 2022

This year I didn’t go anywhere; the furthest I made it took no more than a half hour on transit. As a result, my photos are all from Vancouver, and usually just a few blocks away.

January. The discovery of a tree with white oblong splotches on its dark bark resulted in this diptych, where I combined it with a dumpster splattered with white cement discovered a month later. Abstract diptych with charcoal bark marked with white oblong spots next to a rusty black dumpster splattered with wet cement

February. Fractured reflection of a corrugated building caught in the blue window panes of the building opposite on Granville Island.

Fractured reflection in a window on Granville Island

March. Crossing the Burrard Bridge during the golden hour.
Through an arch, Golden hour on Burrard Bridge in Vancouver, Canada
A scratched and gouged bus stop curb combined with this yellow Forsythia in full bloom a half block away…
Abstract diptych with a weathered concrete barrier combined with the yellow flowers of a forsythia bush

I hitched a ride with a group of students that were photographing models amidst the cherry blossoms.Photo shoot of a model beneath the cherry blossoms in a small park on Granville Island, Vancouver

April. Hibiscus Margarita at Ophelias Kitchen.
Pink Hibiscus Margarita with a lime slice at Ophelia Mexican Kitchen in Vancouver

May. Bark exposed; I think its the metallic quality that appeals to me…

Tree bark exposed
June. Willow tree catching the sunlight by the duck pondwillow tree catching the sunlight by the duck pond

July. An explosion of fireworks from behind a silhouette of the Burrard Bridge.an explosion of fireworks from behind a silhouette of the Burrard Bridge, Vancouver

August. Yellow and orange kayaks reflected in the rippling water of False Creek. abstract of the ripples created in the water by the reflection of yellow and orange kayaks on a dock

September. A tiny reflected view of the waterfront caught up in the sparkling ripples dancing on a black boat in North Vancouver.  Sparkly ripples on a boat in North Vancouver

October. Reflection at a marina broken up by the water ripples. reflection at the marina broken up by the water ripples

Riding the night bus down Granville St. (In reality it was only 6:30 or so but it gets dark early here in the north.)
On the night bus home through Vancouver city lights

November. Autumn decay of coleus leaves.
autumn decay of coleus leaves4839w

A long hot endless summer had the leaves of many trees turning brown before they turned colour during the first cold snap in mid-November. Aspen leaves in November 2022 after an endless summer dried them out before they had time to turn yellow

December. The Fleurs de Ville Noël floral displays were much smaller this year but I was rather fond of this hipster, dressed and red and green, hiding out in the mall. Fleur de Villes floral Noel display of a hipster

Finally, something I have wanted to do for a long time, a composite of trees or plants during four different seasons. These are the trees in front of our deck, not my favourite as the branches are kind of witchy-looking when they’re bare, and they are bare a lot, being that they only get around to putting out leaves in June, and then they are the first to lose them in the fall.   composite of trees in front of our deck during four different seasons

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5 thoughts on “Favourite Photos of 2022

  1. Not travelling has made no difference to the fascinating photos that you take. Your photos of the little textures and colours you see are lovely as always. Also, that shot of the man in the bus is a stunner

  2. I couldn’t agree with Tina more that people think of their own locations as mundane and ordinary. You’ve shown from these images that you have a talent for finding interesting subjects in your own “back yard.”
    My favorite image is riding the night bus.

  3. Finding interest in our own back yards is one of the most challenging assignments for any photographer Elizabeth. You’ve done a marvelous job with your many varied creations this year and have much to be proud of! I enjoyed your diptychs this year and love your image of the man on the bus. Also loved your coleus leaves. Beautiful.

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