an abstract drip diptych of natural: tree and unnatural: spray-painted locker

Accidental Abstracts of Drips

Lately I seem to keep running into accidental abstracts of drips.

An abstract of a red paint drip on a white sign

It started in late January, when I decided to try using my first smart phone for a photo shoot of the Chinese New Year parade. On the way I passed an abstract of a willow tree reflection in pond ripples and it looked like dripping paint.

This initial dripping willow image is one of the few to make it as I later found out that my computer was so old (10 years) that it did not recognize the standard ‘.heic’ photo from a phone. I could see what they looked like on the phone but it took a lot of time attempting various ways of translating them into something that my computer would recognize. Willow reflection in pond ripples

There were a lot of drippy photos that day, and some of them are not going to show up in a blog until I buy a new computer. However, most of my iPhone photos were of the parade, and I did take some drippy photos with my regular camera.

This abstract is of dripping water damage and black mold in Chinatown’s Sun Yat Sen Garden.abstract of black dripping water damage and black mold in Vancouver's Chinatown

This black-painted brick wall in Chinatown has been graffitied (sort of) with very drippy silver spray paint. I suspect the ‘artist’ got fascinated by the drippy effect and just went for great swaths of it rather than your normal tagging, I know I would have.
abstract of dripping silver spray paint on a black brick building

One last photo from that day, an abstract of dripping condensation on a window.abstract of dripping condensation on a window

Since then I have noticed a lot of of dripping graffiti, so many that I expect that spray paint has been reformulated in a way that makes it hard to avoid drips. Abstract of bright red dripping spray paint

Standard ‘classic’ graffiti with drips.Abstract of ripped posters and dripped graffiti on a wall

Try to tag with major dripping effects, ending up with a piece that makes me think of some modern Japanese artists. abstract of dripping graffiti

A natural drip effect in this abstract of rusty drips on a metal garage door. abstract of rusty drips on a metal garage door

I do have a lot more drip shots on my phone (which will not show up for awhile), but it does seem to me that drips are the new and up and coming thing.

Searching through my archives I have only found a few other drip shots, such as this red paint ‘rain’ on a turquoise blue porta-potty.'Red Rain' abstract on a blue Porta-potty on a Victoria beach

Paint drips and a hinge on a metal locker of some sort.Paint drips and a metal hinge in Vancouver, Canada

I am sure I must have more but these were the only ones that showed up under ‘drip’ in my search.

I leave with an older abstract drip diptych of Natural: Tree in the Rain / Unnatural: Spray-Painted Locker. Abstract diptych of tree bark turned almost black where it's wet and dripping yellow-green paint on a storage locker

For more of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Abstracts.


10 thoughts on “Accidental Abstracts of Drips

    1. This walking around and shooting masses of macros is a legacy of my COVID walks, especially the winter of 2020 when I was mostly walking in alleys and side streets, and there was very little to take photos of – unless I got in really close. So in a way COVID opened up a different world for me…

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