Upside-down reflection in Aarhus' Den Gamle By

Cosmic Challenge: Upside Down

I thought I didn’t have anything upside down; then I found this reflection of tulips down in LaConner Washington. Next thing I knew I was turning all sorts of reflections upside down – some worked, some didn’t. Then I ran … Continue reading Cosmic Challenge: Upside Down

orange plaster wall texture in Puebla, Mexico

Cosmic Challenge: Textures from Mexico’s Walls

Some textures, mostly of plaster walls, from Mexico. Puebla. San Angel. Puerto Vallarta. The colours of this crumbling adobe and plaster wall would make a great backdrop to my Guadalajarian-style pottery. This contains original adobe bricks, now crumbling… Cholula.  This one’s a … Continue reading Cosmic Challenge: Textures from Mexico’s Walls