Galway, Ireland on a foggy morning, drained of colour in the photo app Stackables

Bringing Softness to Photos

Playing around with softness has been an interesting experience. My first experiment with increasing softness was by reducing clarity. Al took these photos in RAW, back when RAW was quite new, and quite unknown, especially to me. I actually didn’t … Continue reading Bringing Softness to Photos

Red gears in the Steveston Cannery in the 'fresco' filter in Photoshop

Using the ‘Fresco’ Filter in Photoshop on Industrial Shots

I love the gritty feel that Photoshop’s ‘Fresco’ filter gives these industrial images. Eastside Culture Crawl in Vancouver. Pinko Industry Corporation. Dolly. Oil can in a metal shop. Granville Island in Vancouver. Mini-bulldozer. Rusty corrugated metal building. Reflection of a … Continue reading Using the ‘Fresco’ Filter in Photoshop on Industrial Shots