Pixlromatic does the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

Cosmic Challenge: Sacred Spaces

First off, two mosques from India, with their spectacular architecture. Fatehpur Sikri, a mosque just outside of Agra. A pattern from the walls has been layered over the silhouette of the buildings using ‘hard light’ blending.  The main Mosque in … Continue reading Cosmic Challenge: Sacred Spaces

orange plaster wall texture in Puebla, Mexico

Cosmic Challenge: Textures from Mexico’s Walls

Some textures, mostly of plaster walls, from Mexico. Puebla. San Angel. Puerto Vallarta. The colours of this crumbling adobe and plaster wall would make a great backdrop to my Guadalajarian-style pottery. This contains original adobe bricks, now crumbling… Cholula.  This one’s a … Continue reading Cosmic Challenge: Textures from Mexico’s Walls

My Gallery at the Eastside Culture Crawl November 2018

Cosmic Challenge: Dreams into Reality

July 2017.  Where I attempt to turn my dream of a gallery/studio space into reality. November 2017.  A mass of learning curve experiences later my gallery was finally ready. This is from the first night of last year’s Eastside Culture … Continue reading Cosmic Challenge: Dreams into Reality