White flower in Waterlogue plus Stackables

White Flowers in Photo Apps 1

Ha, if you want white snow scenes I used up all of mine on Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Snowy.

However, here are some white summer flowers that have been apped to bits…

A white flower in Singapore Botanical Garden apped with the Photoshop Express ‘Dream’ look.
Singapore Botanical Garden White Flower A white magnolia edited in the photo app Pixlromatic using one of their many Bokeh overlays.
A White Magnolia Edited in the Photo App Pixlromatic Using their Bokeh Overlay A branch of white flowers up against an orange wall, texturized in Pixlromatic.
A branch of white flowers against an orange wallWhite trumpet vine run through the deliciously creamy ‘Gouache’ of Sketch Guru.
White trumpet vine run through Sketch Guru Gouache White crocuses lost all their detail when I turned them into watercolours in Waterlogue, but I managed to add some depth back into the shot when I overlaid it in Stackables.
White crocuses apped in Waterlogue and StackablesAnother white flower that was lost in Waterlogue until I mixed it up with Stackables.
White flower in Waterlogue plus an overlay of a Pixlromatic version of the image

More of Nancy Merrill’s a Photo a Week Challenge: White


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