graphic/web designer, illustrator, videographer, photographer, jewelry designer, traveler and exhausted
@ Vancouver, Canada
WEBSITE:  http://www.batzgallery.com

me on a good day!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your photos as well as your abstracts inspired by nature – similar themes! Smiled – aren’t all artists exhaused? They have more inspiration than their hands can give form to it into reality:)

  2. thank you for sharing, love to try some of you ideas and art. Have a question.. I have to make some announcements for a gallery that I participate in.. I don’t know how to add lettering to an image on my PC.. Is there an easier way with an app on I pad? vivian

  3. I used one of your photos on a private poetry site accompanying a poem of mine – it was flagged as public domain but of course I posted your link… You have some fantastic photographs! I am a poet/writer and psychoanalyst and not at all a photographer – your work it simply stunning and your life absolutely intriguing. Please visit this little event at

    1. I’m pleased that you like my photos but I’m puzzled by the fact that any of my photos were tagged Public Domain, as they are all copyrighted with all rights reserved. (Professional graphic artists don’t make much and maintaining copyright over my material is one of the few ways we can make a small amount from our work). As the site you listed is unavailable to anyone without permission I have no idea what photo you are referring to. Please enlighten me! Elizabeth

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