The Magic Spell

Handwritten Texture Overlays on Photos

From the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden, a rather eerie bug…

This Stackables screen grab, which I was planning on calling ‘The Entomologist’s Notes’, clearly shows the handwritten overlay. But Stackables refused to save the handwriting layer and I ended up with a bland beige bug instead.bugimageipad4handwrit3895wThat forced me to make up some overlays myself and add them in Photoshop. Here the ‘bland’ bug is overlaid in Photoshop with an old copy of a redacted war letter from the Cardiff Museum in Wales and is called ‘Biowarfare’. I feel he needs to be more dramatic but overlaying images in Photoshop is very different than using a photo app and I had trouble retaining the depth.
BiowarfareHere the ‘bland’ bug has been overlaid with handwritten notes from an old copy of magic spells in the Torture Museum in Potes, Spain. I used ‘Difference Clouds’ to bring out both the bug and the lettering and call it ‘The Magic Spell’.
The Magic SpellHere are some of the handwritten textures I was working with.

More of Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week: Texture.

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