French Creek Beach Driftwood

The Beauty of Driftwood

A natural sculpture of entwined branches form a giant nest at Camaronal Beach in Costa Rica. Camaronal Natural SculptureDriftwood catching jewel-toned pebbles in Costa Rica. Driftwood Catching Jewel-Tone PebblesUndulating lines on this driftwood log at French Creek Beach on Vancouver Island. French Creek Beach DriftwoodClose-up of smooth rounded pebbles on naturally sand-blasted driftwood on Sandcut Beach on Vancouver Island. stones at Sandcut BeachDriftwood roots embedded with beach pebbles at Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, USA. Driftwood on the beach in Washington, USATwisted driftwood at Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver.Twisted driftwood Van Dusen GardensInteresting curvilinear lines on this driftwood on the beach at Camaronal in Costa Rica.Driftwood on the beach at Camaronal in Costa RicaI’m always trying to capture these curving lines in sketches. Here’s a few:pencil sketch of driftwood on the beachpencil sketch of driftwood on the beachpencil sketch of driftwood on the beach


11 thoughts on “The Beauty of Driftwood

    1. I’ve been to Muir Creek Beach a couple of times – the last time the tide was high so we didn’t see anything, and the time before we spent our time watching a ‘fisherman’ gather masses of flat seaweed for nori/sushi – I’ve seen some fossils nearby at Sandcut Beach – where are the Muir Creek ones?

    1. on this particular beach the beach pebbles were often semi-precious jasper in the Rasta colours of red, gold and green. Although it’s not really possible (or even legal) to haul stumps of driftwood from Costa Rica I am hoping to find a similar stump on the local beaches that can be inlaid with polished beach pebbles…

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