mood board with yellow-orange

The Colour Orange: Big to Small

The colour orange edged with yellow.

As big as the sky. As small as a persimmon.  mood board with yellow-orangeAs tiny as this yellowy-orange Stonecrop sedum on a pebble beach in Ireland. It’s so small I had to make the image bigger in order to see it!  Inishowen Peninsula a stoney beach with orange Stonecrop sedumMore of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: From Big to Small.

17 thoughts on “The Colour Orange: Big to Small

    1. The images came together in an interesting way, especially with the way this particular ‘theme’ presents the feature image – I can tell that for me it’s the start of a new way of presenting images – now all I need is more time…

    1. I was searching for the word that would describe this orange and gave up after rejecting ‘bright’ and ‘saturated’. So thank you for the word ‘vivid’ – it is exactly the word I was looking for!

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