Mixed-Media Assignment: A Bird, a Rock and a Letter – Part I

Part I of my Multi-Media Class Assignment: a bird, a rock and a letter.

This was one of those assignments where I first thought ‘No way’ and then ‘I think I’ll skip this assignment’.

June 17, 2011

Didn’t get to bed until 1:55, working away on the assignment; woke up this morning at 6:55 with the phrase ‘a bird, a rock and a letter’ running through my head over and over like the words to a song that just wouldn’t stop.

I was still thinking of blowing off this assignment as those are three items that I would never put together in one painting – some jewelry possibly, but a painting no.

But it kept running through my brain, it wouldn’t stop, I had to do something! I was absolutely exhausted.

Checking my work email I found nothing pressing, so decided to take a day of overtime owed to me. I sketched and processed thoughts in the morning, slept from 1:30 to 4:30, woke up and worked on a different painting.

I had hoped to go to the Fuse event at the Art Gallery but instead just watched TV, brain dead, still exhausted.

a Bird, a Rock, a Letter

a Bird, a Rock, a Letter

A few more sketches for ‘a Bird, a Rock and a Letter’.

Sketches for 'a Bird, a Rock and a Letter'

Here is my first attempt: a seagull with a comb-over.

The ‘bird’, a seagull, was a lot of fun to do; a spackle/acrylic mix ‘painted’ by running two different combs and a plastic serrated knife through it.

The ‘rock‘ that the seagull is standing on is a cut-out piece of watercolour paper coated with a plaster/sand mix, then painted grey paint and finally dry-brushed.

plaster texturesThe ‘letter‘ is the little ‘x‘ on the rock but it sits there like an afterthought; doesn’t really have anything to do with the painting.

more work on my seagull but I still don't like it.Still don’t like the ‘x’ and the ‘rock’ isn’t doing much for me either. I gave up and started on the next assignment…

More on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Birds.


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