Painting of the French Flint Stones

My ‘French’ Flints

One part of the beach at Cap Hornu on the Normandy Coast of France was filled with flint stones with subtle wave patterns in black and ochre.

In some cases the ochre seeped into the crusty white coating of the stones creating patterns reminiscent of a topographical map.At Baie de Sommes the beach was primarily flint stonesMy ‘French’ flint painting, 16″ x 12″, acrylic and spackling on watercolour paper.
Acrylic painting of flint stones; the cut surface of the stone is done in glossy medium; the chalk matrix in spackle and matte mediumThe next problem was that the image was painted on 16″ x 12″ watercolour paper, and all the cheaper non-custom frames came with glass which would have obscured the differences between the matte and glossy surfaces.

After a lot of time spent checking the web on ‘framing’ I decided to mount the painting on a sheet of birch plywood and then glue a 1/2 inch piece of birch plywood on the back that I could put the eyelet screws into.Framing: Gluing wood piece(s) to backing Framing: Gluing wood piece(s) to backingAnd here it is, hung for my show! With this type of ‘framing’ it sort of floats on the wall.French Flints painting on the wall


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