Cruz-Diez’s Kinetic Colours at Centro Niemeyer in Aviles, Spain

A Venezuelan artist born in 1923, Carlos Cruz-Diez became involved with the ‘Op Art’ movement of the 60s, moving on to ‘kinetic’ installations of Op Art in the 70s.

The ‘Op Art’ Movement, for those of you who weren’t around in the 60s, produced images designed to trick the eye.

A very simple version of op art is to put saturated complimentary colours, such as red and green, next to one another which causes the eye to have trouble distinguishing the border between the two as they fight for dominance in the eye.

Add more complex patterns to the mix of opposing colours, and the result is an image that shimmers and twists, and appears to move even though it is not actually moving. (A fascinating site about Op Art at

‘Kinetic’ sculptures adds a third dimension and movement to these works, and will either fascinate you or have you running from the room from overstimulation and motion sickness.

At the show Color Espacial – Carlos Cruz-Diez in Aviles, Spain, the op art was of a more benign nature, walls of shimmering colour that appeared to curve around you.
Aviles Centro Niemeyer Art Gallery Exhibit of Cruz-DiezThe Centro Niemeyer is itself a work of art, a gift to the city of Aviles from the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.The Interior of Aviles' Centro Neimeyer Modern Art GalleryAnother of Cruz-Diez’s shimmering art works.Aviles Centro Neimeyer Gallery Exhibit: Diez-CruzThere will be different shows on now but note that Wednesdays are free…
Aviles Centro Niemeyer Art Gallery Exhibit of Cruz-Diez

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