Watercolour Painting of Flint Stones, 12" x 16"

Inspiration from Denmark & Sweden (& Iceland)

A collection of inspiration gathered in my last trip to Scandinavia.

Chalk Cliffs.

At Stevns Klint the white chalk cliffs are embedded with dark flint nodules. (Stevns Klint and the Fish Clay) Stevns Klint fish clay


Flint has a natural sheen and is usually found embedded in chalk. In a painting the chalk would be spackling; the exposed rock would be semi-gloss acrylicBeautiful patterns of a flint stone in the National Museum of Denmark in CopenhagenFlint souvenirs from Denmark. The first one has a hole and I might make it into a bronze (age) necklace. Number 2 was Al’s find. It has tiny crystals in the centre – he was a tad upset when I scooped it. The third one was my find – I found the chalk rubbed into the grooves in the flint to be reminiscent of runes from the Viking age. The fourth is a piece of natural ocean-polished flint – very shiny.flint souvenirs from Denmark

Runes (written on the land).

A stone marker with ancient runes written on it at the National History Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Ancient Viking Runes from Denmark)A stone marker with ancient runes written on it at the National History Museum in Copenhagen, DenmarkAerial shot of a landform in Iceland. (Aerial Shots: Iceland from Above)Aerial shot of a landform in Iceland


The patterns of birch trees and their bark are often inspiring to artists. Prediction of what a Stone Age house in Sweden looked like, it's inner walls lined with Birch bark in an alternating pattern of inner and outer bark (Tanum)


Tanum, a UNESCO World Heritage Rock Art Centre, is famous for its petroglyphs put there 10,000 years ago by the Bronze Age people who lived in this area in northern Sweden.Bronze Age petroglyphs of men with spears chipped out of the granite at Tanum World Heritage Rock Art Centre in Sweden

Weathered paint on the hulls of boats.

Breaking waves tossing white froth up into the air. Abstract of waves splashing on the shore

Copper turned to verdigris.

The copper verdigris cladding on the hull of the frigate in Ebeltoft, Denmark.The copper verdigris cladding of the frigate in Ebeltoft, Denmark

Icelandic landforms.

All I saw of Iceland was basically while I was in the air on my flight to Copenhagen.Aerial shot of a landform in IcelandAerial shot of a turquoise river in Iceland from a commercial Icelandair flight

Artists & artworks.

Mythological Art Wall in Brugsen, Denmark.An Art Wall showing myths of the world in Brugsen, Denmark, next to the Jelling Viking Museum
Brugsen Art Wall, notes about the painting

Bjarne W. Sørensen.De2Have Cafe and painting by Bjarne W. Sørensen in Skagen, DenmarkPer Kirkeby.

Per Kirkeby is a Danish artist is interested in geology and natural environments, and it shows in this mural of flint stones that he painted on the ceiling of the new library extension (aka the Black Diamond) in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was about to do some paintings of flint but it seems he beat me to it!Rock mural by Per Kirkeby on the ceiling of the Copenhagen Library, Denmark

More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Your Choice.


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