Canna Lily flower

September Garden Challenge: A Portrait of a Canna Lily

I first discovered Canna Lilies in Mexico.

Striking leaves and flower of the Canna Lily From my Journal: Mexico November 2000, a sketch of a Canna Lily (in two parts).
From my Journal, Mexico November 2000, a sketch of a Canna Lily (in two parts) I loved this yellow Canna Lily splotched with red and went out and bought one for my garden.

I realized later that in Mexico the flowers are spectacular but the leaves are ratty; in Vancouver it’s the opposite – lush foliage and wimpy flowers that melt into slime at the slightest bit of rain. This is my Tropicana canna in early September, it didn’t last…
tropicana canna So now when I buy Cannas I select them for their foliage which comes in exotic colours. I throw them under the deck in the winter and they often survive although not as well as some of my other ‘tropicals’ such as ginger plants and pineapple lilies which actually multiply during the winter months.canna lily A portrait of a Canna Lily – it doesn’t vary much from my original sketches. (Acrylic on Masonite with collaged watercolour paper, 30″ x 60″)
Painting of Canna Lily and Dancers Hey Jude’s Garden Photography: A Flower Portrait


8 thoughts on “September Garden Challenge: A Portrait of a Canna Lily

  1. Your drawings are beautiful. I am not a huge fan of canna lilies, mainly because of those tatty leaves, but recently I have seen some very pretty flowers and the leaves weren’t too bad either. Backlit they are wonderful.

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