One-lane detour in Psykopaint and Stackables

Weekly Photo Challenge: Irish Landscapes in Psykopaint

The B&B we were staying at in Sligo had a wonderful collection of Irish art on the walls.

These simple landscapes in particular stuck with me to the point that I wondered if I could make up something similar in the photo app Psykopaint.
Irish Landscape Paintings in out B & B in Sligo, Ireland This large stone may be a prehistoric tomb at Carrowkeel – this site was unmarked to the point that we often had no idea if we were looking at a grave or not.
Stone in Irish prehistoric site and painted in Psyko PaintA stone fence and matching hut on the smallest of the Aran Islands gets the ‘Van Gogh’ brush (and sky) in Psykopaint.
Stone Fence and Hut on the Aran Island of Inishere painted in Psyko Paint Brilliant orange crocosmia bloom alongside all the roads and creeks of the Inishowen Peninsula.
Orange Crocosima in bloom on the Inishowen Peninsula painted in Psyko PaintAn iinlet at Galley Head gets the Psykopaint treatment.
Inlet at Galley Head in Ireland, painted in Psyko PaintA stone retaining wall of an abandoned castle in Galley Head along the Wild Atlantic Way also succumbs to Psykopaint.
One lane detour painted in Psyko Paint At Gurteen Beach cemetery the residents are definitely pushing up the daisies.Daisies in the cemetery by the beach painted in Psyko Paint More about the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape.



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